Our Team

Our team is composed of dedicated engineering student with diverse backgrounds from data analysis and algorithms to manufacturing and industry.

Meet our team…

Amanda Sugijoto

Amanda has had several internship experiences at both medical device and biotechnology companies, such as Edwards Lifesciences and Masimo. As a result, she has a strong background in engineering design and concept validation. Her four year experience in signal processing will allow her to support algorithm development.



Andrew Chang

Andrew has several research positions where he built cheap laboratory equipment. He also held several internships in the biotech industry at companies such as Medtronic where he completed several manufacturing studies. As a result, he is very interested in developing this product and package it into a simple- to-use form.



Danielle Behrens

Danielle has research experience in light sensors and data processing, enabling her to contribute to the signal processing algorithm. In addition, her R&D internship experience at Johnson and Johnson provides a strong background in prototyping and device design in addition to manufacturing experience at Applied Medical.




Jessica Lee

Jessica has several years of research experience in signal processing that enable her to analyze big data and develop algorithms to calculate heart rate variability. Her internship experience in advanced early research and development at Midmark Corporation also allows her to understand designing and modeling early stage prototypes.



William Agnew

William has numerous leadership experiences on top of his business management minor through his consulting experience at Kaiser Permanente and vice president leadership roles on student organizations on campus. He also has engineering design experience from his internship with Johnson and Johnson. Lastly, he is an ardent lead researcher for the microbiomechanics laboratory.