Our Product

The frequency of concussions or traumatic brain injuries that occur in the collegiate or professional athlete population is alarming. The  effects and length of post concussion recovery coupled with the frequency of concussions warrant a concussion impact detector to better assist coaches to monitor the health of their players. Our company proposes a way to couple two existing and known methods in concussion detect to create a novel approach that will be able to more accurate and efficiently detect when concussions occur, even at the subconcussive impact when no clinical symptoms manifest from the athletes. 

The implications of this product are huge; being able to assist coaches with the team management of their players will ensure the better safety and preservation of athletes which would save large sports organizations money and protect these individuals from suffering from the devastating effects of concussions.




Ceretec is our personalized concussion detector. This product breaks through the current limitations of the market by coupling heart rate variability with head accelerations. As a result, we have a device that can accurately determine the severity of a head impact and alert you the instant it happens.