Market Strategy

Our business is split into two branches: Products & Services. The products will include a portfolio of consumable devices that are to be replaced after an athletic season’s worth of use. The services will be subscription based that is constantly updated to give coaches the most cutting edge algorithms which will enable them to effectively manage their team.

To penetrate the market, we will first have influential people endorse our product, such as athletic directors or the engineering dean. Then through partnerships with club sports at UCI, we will develop a reputation for producing a product that is accurate and reliable. From this, we will develop a following of customers who understand our product and will be able to introduce it to their friends through our referral programs.



Concussion Sensor
The core technology we have been working hard to develop. This is your concussion sensor that is able to accurately track accelerations to the head and reliably monitor your heart rate.

Wireless Charging Stand
An effective and modern way to charge your device.

Headband Strap
A tight and breathable fabric that secures your accelerometer to your cranium.

A subtle and sleek arc that tightly hugs the back of your ear.



Division 1 РPreconcussion Warning & Live vitals tracking 
These are our most basic tier of mobile applications. It gives you critical warnings of your risk of concussion and actively tracks your vitals to help you improve your workout routine. All of this is available for free!

Division 2 – Electronic coaching & Team Management
This is our team management suite. These additional features give the coach critical information about the health of his/her players. This level of detail will enable coaches to maintain peak performance of all players.